Anyone who wants a career change. Anyone that wants to add this skill to guarantee a future revenue stream. This is for the brand new to the established, from heavyweights to students. From anyone that wonders if they could earn a living doing something else:

  1. Artworkers
  2. Graphic Designers
  3. Art Directors
  4. Creative Directors
  5. Developers/Coders
  6. Marketers
  7. Recruiters that want to know about Digital
  8. Career changers
  9. Game changers
  10. Any level UX guys that want that UI knowledge
  11. Pre-Student pre-debt.
  12. Post-Student post-debt.
  13. Any Student trying to open a few doors
  14. Everyone..
Michael takes you through the process of becoming a digital designer in a fashion that is easily understood by anyone who doesn’t come from a design background. All in all, a passionately delivered and informative workshop. If you’re looking to launch a career in this space, I’d recommend you seek Michael’s help without hesitation.
— Arif Hussain. Marketing Executive.