Getting your first digital job

What to expect. What to do. How to fix it.

Competition is fierce. Graduates, career-changers, offline designers going digital, marketers switching to creative – there’s just so many people jumping into one of the fastest growing job sectors in the market right now.

Then there’s the usual Catch 22 with getting your foot on any ladder – lack of experience. If you’re brand new, from the hirer’s perspective, you’ve got very little to offer – you won’t be productive anytime soon and they will need to invest lots of time and money into you before you become productive. Companies who are willing to do that are few and far between.

Maybe you've done a digital General Assembly course? Even super qualified/talented with a genius-level IQ, you may only have one app to show at the end of it. Prices of relevant courses can go up to ten grand for six weeks of tuition. Most folk are unlikely to have that sort of money floating around for such a course and to take that amount of time off if you've got family to support or rent and mortgages to pay… unlikely.

So why choose our course?

Well, for starters its £9,850 cheaper than the ten grand General Assembly courses and if you're out of town, we even do a Skype version.

Two hours doesn’t cut into anyone’s day and if you're a freelancer, you still could bill for the day or at worst, you would lose two hours money.

You’ll also benefit from the first-hand experience of someone who has worked in the digital design world (and still is..) both client and agency side, who can show you the tools of the trade and who can answer any questions you have about the work and day-to-day life of a current UI designer. And because there’s only ever a maximum of five people in each class, you will get our full attention. There’s no soul sucking keynote/powerpoint presentations sending you to sleep by slide six- just full on engagement with your tutor.

You’ll come away knowing exactly what you need to do to get your first digital design job. We cut to the chase. We don't wave you off to youtube or or give you endless lists of books you need to consume before you have any idea on what way to point your ship. We’ll tell you exactly; you go from this to this to this and that’s how you do it and if you’re still not convinced, just have a look at our testimonials. We’re deadly serious about getting you to the door of digital design agencies and then through it. Make sure you are too…

Please note: Watching Game of Thrones or any other box set is out of the window. You learn with us by doing, not by watching TV and doing. If you're not working, this will be your job, 9-5pm to learn via our steps. If you are working, you come home from work, kiss your partner/dog/cat and then get to work. You've got five hours before 11pm. What can you do with five hours? No more binge TV watching. There’s only this. Five hours is 60% of another work day. In that time, you could learn Google material design specifications, iOS design specs and make responsive designs across three different devices or switch on Netflix/Amazon prime and lose yet another evening to Narcos/Billions/The Great British Bake Off...

Ok, perhaps you can watch The Great British Bake Off.

Time waits for no man or woman. Book a course. We guarantee you will leave motivated, inspired and know exactly what it takes to become a UI/UX digital designer.

Winner winner, chicken dinner.