Mr Todlington-Worthy and the tale of an upskilled horse

My daughter owns a horse. Well, more like she owns 1/14th of a horse and along with the other thirteen 9-12 year old horse owners, most weekends and some school evenings, she and her friends pet and stroke, horsey-ride and hug and wash with a hose pipe, a Mr Todlington-Worthy.

For that piece of Mr Worthy she (or more importantly, I), pay £60 per month. That's sixty pounds. Per month. To wash an old horse.

That equates to £720.00 per year. If we times that by 13 squeaking other girls, we get a handsome £10,080.00. Mr Worthy's original role (according to his owner..) was to be rode. The charge for riding Mr Worthy is £28.00 per hour which is apparently 'nothing' compared to what he earns the owner as a horse that you can point a hose at. In short, Mr Todlington-Worthy had increased his value. Mr Todlington-Worthy… upskilled.

You Vs Mr Todlington-Worthy.

If you have but one skill, you're at risk. If you earn your living based on your one skill set, what would happen if you were made redundant or as a contractor, your work dried up? You would look for work in that sector no doubt and of course you'd probably get some but let's think of it like this... what if you couldn’t? What if a recession hit and you plus countless others were thrown into the mix all vying for that singular piece of work. It would be tough. I know, it happened to me.

So how about this? What if you could double your skill-set? What if you could earn money another way? What if you could swap jobs whenever it took your fancy because you had two skill-sets to fall back on and not the one. God forbid you might increase your earnings. How about combining both old and new skills giving yourself more value to your current and future employers. Suddenly you might be the guy to keep, suddenly, you're just like an old horse I know…

I imagine he had a similar conversation that probably went a little like this:

Owner: Mr Todlington-Worthy. I need you to bring more money in.

Mr TW:

Owner: Great. I have a plan. 

Mr TW:

Owner. I'm going to rent you out to small children. You will be stroked and brushed and ridden and loved but mainly kids like washing things with a hose so I'm guessing you'll be washed a lot.

Mr TW:

Owner: Are you ok with that?

Mr TW:

Owner: Thanks T. You're the best.

Mr TW: (quietly) nay problem

Owner: What was that..?


Mr TW:



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