A vision of the future

Back to the future with Nike Athletic Clothing.

You're running, the tail end of a 10k. It's hot and your chest is unusually tight today. Sensors in your t-shirt (clinging to you in all the wrong places..) analyse your sweat content. It notices higher than usual trace elements which have (in the past) been linked to impending heart attacks. Your t-shirt acts fast (not you... your t-shirt!). It sends a li-fi message to your doctor. He picks up the message on his iWatch. He flicks the data to his touch monitor and analyses it. Alarmed, he calls you immediately. The call comes through on the flexible Ion-X glass screen on your sleeve. You raise your forearm activating the gravity sensor in the cuff and take the call. He tells you to stop running. You stop. An ambulance will be with you in 5 minutes. He's not joking. Life saved. Your life saved...


Now imagine you presented that idea to Nike. Do you think they'll like your idea more if you've got a University degree and the debt or if you're just fallen off the back of a three month intensive UI/UX course in trendy Shoreditch for a jaw dropping £10k? Of course not. They couldn't care less. They'll just love the idea. Now, what if you could show those plus other inspired ideas that you had whilst you were out running and you acted upon that idea and realised it in the form of sketches, wires and final designs all after work hours because you thought it mattered? Where you come from to get to that interview, no one really cares. It's where you're going that matters... And we can help you get there.

It's like Nike have been saying for years... 'Just do it'. Sit your arse down, switch off Netflix and smash this out of the park. You learn how to do things by doing those things, not listening to someone telling you how to do things over 10 weeks or 3 years and make no mistake, this is hard work. Working after a work day and putting the hours into the new you requires a ton of effort but every journey worth doing needs that first step and we can show you that first step and the second and the third and then you can go and do…and do… and do, until it becomes second nature, and then first.

Come and see us and we’ll help you find the future. You never know. It might just be worth it.