Sketch Vs Adobe and why we're never going back

David vs Goliath.  Everest Vs Hilary. Leicester City Vs basically everybody. Sketch is all those guys. Sketch vs the mountain. Sketch Vs Manchester United. Sketch loading up his sling against the giant of Adobe because what they've done in three years (just under) is nothing short of a revolution. 

Photoshop ruled but not anymore and if you're not using Sketch yet, you just need too. And here's a few reasons to help push you towards your mountain.

1. Not subscription based. Every month, Adobe relieves you of a minimum of £17.00 up to a whopping £48.00 for the whole suite. That's £576.00 per year. Ouch. Sketch is 70 quid. Forever.

2. CTRL-C in Sketch gives you the colour picker to change anything active to any colour you like. Simple. This is how you do that in Photoshop: Activate layers in view. Find the specific layer. Click the layer panel – on the specific layer – and then moving the mouse to the colors panel, then clicking enter. 

3. Background Blurring. Photoshop: I need to create a group ontop of all other layers, select all, copy merged, paste into the group, effects –> blur –> gaussian blur. Snore.

Sketch. Create a rectangle and give it a “background blur” effect. This will blur the background of whatever sits behind it.

4.  Type. Vector based crystal clear type to any size. Ps type? Don't get me started. Adobe have consistently ignored the type tool in Ps on purpose to make sure you purchase the other Adobe packages (InDesign and Illustrator). It is and has always been, absolutely dreadful. 

5. Artboards in Sketch. Multiple Artboards. Multiple Sizes. Perfect for responsive design. I recently had 60 Artboards across multiple sizes on one Sketch doc. Sixty. The file size was 17.3Mb. Photoshop is like a ship in the water; load it up and the slower it gets to the point of not being able to do something because you don't have enough memory left. They've also just added 'Artboards'. Something we've been asking them to do for years in Illustrator and when Sketch suddenly does it, Adobe cries 'oh hey everyone. Look! Here's Artboards!' Unfortunately it just makes everything that was soul destroying slow, even slower.

6. Plug ins. Free. 100s of them in Sketch. Theres even one (fluid) that'll turn your mobile design into an iPad and Desktop design with one click. Add a few days to your responsive design deliverables if you're still working in Photoshop.

7. Sketch move fast and they listen. Unlike Adobe, Bohemian Coding are lighting fast to assist you if you have a problem. They're very agile and update all the time. To talk to Adobe about upgrading or downgrading your subscription, you'll click 13 different options (and sign in..) before you can get to live chat/send an email. Sketch - two. What does that say about the two companies..?

Anyway, that's just seven reasons. The list is growing but you need to find out for yourselves. Sign up to the free trial version of Sketch and jump in. It's super intuitive and in a matter of days, you'll be an expert. I kid you not..

And if you're still unsure, then take a time-test. Create the same design in both Sketch and Ps because when you're done, you'll know, and you'll also know, you can never, ever go back.