Right people, wrong skills?

We can tailor our workshops to your needs. Perhaps your coders need to understand what makes good UI? Or maybe your designers want to know how a customer journey is mapped out. Perhaps you’re a recruiter who needs to know the clear differences between UI and UX design. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor a workshop to suit your needs.

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Curate Success by Upskilling:

Re-train existing staff in UI and UX fundamentals.

Re-educate staff in the language of Digital Design kick-starting future growth of both company and personal goals.

Re-ignite passion and motivation of a current employees.

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Reskilling your workforce

Re-skill great talent with an outdated skillset into relevant designers that can future proof your business.

Increased employee worth and value by adding up-to-date digital skills.

Expand your dated business offering by adding the latest in UX and UI services.

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Who are the courses for?

Anyone who is looking for the tools to become a ui or ux designer. We’re not trying to turn you into a professional designer over a weekend, but we think this is a workable, affordable first step packed with easily to action chunks of information.

Do I need previous experience?

You can come from any background to learn these amazing skills. If you come from the creative industries, that’s great! However, it requires not one shred of previous experience.